Like time suspended,

a wound unmended—

you and I.

We had no ending,

no said good-bye.

For all my life,

I’ll wonder why.

Do you remember the night

the moon dropped from the sky?

And we ran through the forest

to find where it lie,

I was tripping on tree roots

and slipping on snow,

you were holding my hand

saying not to let go,

When we found it at last

there were twigs in our hair,

A rose on our cheeks

and our breath in the air,

As the words to describe it

got caught in our throats,

As its silver light danced

through the threads of our coats,

We knew that our eyes

had not seen such a view,

You were looking at it,

I was looking at you.

I believe there is penance in yearning.

There is poverty in giving away too

much of your heart.

When the desire for another is not

returned in equal measure—

nothing in the world could compensate

for the shortfall.

Sometimes the loneliest place to be

is in love.

there are many theories as to

how we came to be

(i’m not sure which one i believe).

did we appear as dually flickering lights

above a hazy skyline?

fluttering, distant,

choking on stifling fog:

first solitary decades of life

as a lukewarm utterance into the vacuum,

whispering, “oh, what is this emptiness?”

haggard gesturing suggesting

half is not missing, but whole

and someday, when beacons collide,

not coincidence, but prophecy,

wrenching claims of meant-to-be

the sparks erupt in ultraviolet chaos,

volcanic, raging,

a mighty wallop of colour and sound,

a shattering cry of belonging

splitting time itself.

i don’t think so.

i don’t think i was born to love anyone

except myself, and even that,

some days, i’m not sure is true.

You take away the pain

and I thank you for that

If I ever get the chance,

bet I’m paying you back

I’ma be waiting for that,

I’ma be waiting for that

Misery, you represent love,

you the epitome

So wish for me,

I’ll come out of nowhere,

your epiphany

Disconnect from everybody

Who don’t understand my vision yet

In a jet is where my mind is

so I light another cigarette

To calm me down

So calm me down

Everybody who can save me now

is not around, chopper down

Busy today, but can you tell me

how tomorrow sounds?

In between, purgatory ain’t as bad

as it would seem to be

Live a dream, that’s so cliché

But I can’t tell you what it means to me

You take away the pain

and I thank you for that

When I used to look above,

all I saw was sky;

and every song

that I would sing,

I sung not knowing why.

All I thought and all I felt,

was only just because,

never was it ever you—

until it was all there was.